BHS Senior wins Maine 2013 Stockholm Junior Water Prize

Senior Nathan Dee was named winner of the 2013 Maine Stockholm Junior Water Prize competition and will represent the state at the national competition in Portland, Oregon in mid-June. The study is titled Spectrofluorometric Study on the Interaction between Pharmaceuticals and Total Organic Matter (TOM) in Water.

Nathan’s project studied the prevalence of personal care products (PCPs) in water, an emerging concern in the treatment of waste water nationwide.  Nathan specifically studied the estrogen-mimicking compound 17α-ethynyl-estradiol (EE2), which is secreted into the waste water stream and makes its way into ecosystems, impacting marine environments. One known impact is the compound’s ability to change the sex of fish, with Nathan’s study centered on establishing the long term impact of such exposure.

This is Bangor High School’s sixth consecutive state winner of the SJWP for Maine.