$750,000 National Science Foundation Grant to Benefit BHS

nsf1BHS recently learned that the school will benefit greatly from a $750,000, 3-year grant from the National Science Foundation (NSF) to the University of Maine College of Engineering that will provide science and engineering problem-solving curricular experiences to all students in all science disciplines.

The grant opportunity put BHS in direct partnership with the University of Maine College of Engineering and other Maine students and their schools–  Maine Native American students, and students in Lewiston-Auburn and Portland public schools– along with municipal water departments.

The science and engineering at the core of the grant call for students at each grade level / content area (Earth Science, Biology, Chemistry, and Physics) to use science and engineering techniques to study the pervasive problem of storm water runoff, to monitor and document its impact / pollution on waterways, and to propose a solution in cooperation with municipal entities and partner schools. The grant includes intensive professional development for BHS teachers and a summer experience for a core group of students from all partnering schools.  BHS students will use the summer experience and will serve as leaders in the expansion of the project to all science disciplines and all students.

This is the second major NSF grant to benefit Bangor High School in its long cooperation with the University of Maine College of Engineering. The NSF GK-12 sensors project  similarly resulted in an expansion of technology and engineering techniques in the school that endures today.