Athletic Participation Forms

Bangor High School Athletic Information and Forms

Two forms are required prior to a student participation in BHS Athletics: a Physical Form and a Parent Consent & Acknowledgment Form. These forms must be completed with all required information and signatures before the student can try out.

Physical copies of the following forms are available in the BHS Main Office.

  • Physical Form (click for PDF)

    • Must be completed and signed by a physician after the final day of the grade 8 year
    • The physical must have occurred within the previous three (3) months of the signed date
    • Physician-issued forms must be comprehensive (general wellness statements not accepted)
    • Notwithstanding injury, one acceptable Physical Form covers four years of participation
  • Parent Consent and Acknowledgement Form 2016-2017 (click for PDF)

Information for Families without Required Health Insurance Coverage

The following documents are provided as informational starting points for purchasing insurance to cover students participating in BHS Athletics. Two options exist, one for football and one for non-collision sports.

Enrollment in the appropriate option is completed online, and this process is made easier by previewing these downloadable documents:

Hard copies are available in the BHS Main Office.

Other Important Information Regarding Athletic Participation: