STEM Academy Staff

Cary James, Science, Technology & Engineering Department Head

Mr. Cary James has a BS in chemistry and an MS in Plant Pathology. He has received numerous teaching awards including the Siemens Award for Advanced Placement Teacher of the Year for Maine 2009, Pulp and Paper Foundation Maine Teacher Award 2009, New England Institute of Chemistry Maine State Teacher Award 2011, and has received the Francis Crowe Society Honorary Engineering Degree from the University of Maine 2010. His students have excelled in many national and international level science competitions including the 2010 National Stockholm Junior Water Prize (SJWP) winner and the 2011 Bjorn von Euler Innovation in Water Scholarship both students represented the United States at the International SJWP in Stockholm Sweden. Mr. James has a passion for improving the quality of water for people in developing countries and has focused student research on water sanitation and conservation. In the classroom he works to differentiate instruction for students using an evidenced based inquiry approach.

Michele Benoit

Michele Benoit received undergraduate degrees in Biology and English from Brown University, and a master’s degree in Forest Ecology from the University of Maine. She’s taught at the high school level for nearly 20 years, including classes in chemistry, biology and earth science. In her teaching, Michele is interested in environmental connections, especially global climate change; literacy and science; and interdisciplinary approaches to teaching science inquiry.

Andrew Bouchard

An Aroostook County native, Andrew Bouchard earned his degree in Physics from the College of Wooster in Ohio and has been teaching Physics and Earth Science at BHS for 10 years. Some of his favorite subjects include wave & optics, electrostatics & magnetism, and the history of science.

John Cangelosi

John Cangelosi has been teaching Earth Science and Astronomy at Bangor High School for four years. He has a Bachelor of Science degree in Geological Sciences and a Master’s degree in Science Education. Before teaching at Bangor High School, John worked at the University of Maine for 10 years at the Environmental Chemistry Analytical Laboratory. There he was the laboratory manager overseeing and developing analytical methods including spectrometry, atomic absorption, and direct mercury analysis. Additionally, he has worked with many graduate students to facilitate their research in both in laboratory and remote data acquisition settings. At Bangor High School, Mr. Cangelosi has been building the astronomy program and has expanded the use of the school’s observatory to include technological tools such as stacking image processing, advanced astrometry, and spectroscopic analysis.

Misty Conrath

Misty Conrath earned a B.S. degree in the areas of Botany and Zoology from the University of Washington, a B.S. in Education from Eastern Washington University, and M.S. in Education from New England College in 2011. Since 2005, she has instructed at Bangor High School where she has been a leader in the development of a molecular approach to the teaching of Biology.

Joyce Harrison

Joyce Harrison received her B.S. degree in Wildlife Biology from the University of Wyoming in 1980. After working for a number of years as a Wildlife Biologist, she began her teaching career. Over the years she has taught Biology, Earth Science, and Wildlife Ecology.

Kate Hayes

Kate Hayes is a graduate of Northeastern University where she earned her undergraduate degree in Physics and was named the Valedictorian of her class. In 2009, she earned a M.S. from the University of Maine and was selected for a Knowles Science Teaching Fellowship in 2010. At Bangor High School, Mrs. Hayes has instructed both Chemistry and Physics, including her current role as instructor of AP Physics.

Nitisha Mitchell 

Nitisha Mitchell earned her B.S. degree in Biology from the University of Maine in 2006.  In 2010, she earned a M.S. in Science Teaching from the University of Maine, where she was awarded the most outstanding science generalist graduate in the MST program.  After teaching science at the middle school level for 3 years, Ms. Mitchell came to Bangor High School, where she instructs both Biology and Earth Science.

Dr. Jennifer Page

Dr. Jennifer Page received her Ph.D. in Biology from the Georgia Institute of Technology and her undergraduate degree in Marine Science from the University of Maine in Orono. After teaching undergraduate classes at both institutions, and teaching a year of high school Biology in Atlanta, Dr. Page decided to transition to teaching high school full time and currently teaches Earth Science and Biology while also coaching the Bangor High Speech and Debate team and functioning as the Bangor School Department Chemical Hygiene Safety Officer. Dr. Page combines her passions for research and education to bring inquiry-based learning to her students and is strongly interested in the process of transitioning existing lesson plans into inquiry-based curriculum.

Dr. Barbara Stewart 

Barbara Stewart received her PhD in chemistry and master’s degree in education from the University of Maine and a bachelor’s degree in chemistry from Wesleyan
University in Connecticut. Before teaching at Bangor High, Barbara taught at the University of Maine for six years as an instructor and coordinator of the peer led  team learning program in chemistry. She has also authored online materials in chemistry that are used in general chemistry programs throughout the country.  Barbara has an interest in global health and has worked with groups of students conducting water testing and installing drinking water systems in developing countries. In her chemistry teaching, Barbara uses a variety of guided inquiry and group learning strategies to help students develop a molecular view of their world.

Ted Taylor

Ted Taylor teaches Earth Science and Natural Resource classes to freshman and seniors, respectively. He has a B.A. degree from Colby College and an M.S. degree from Lehigh University, both in Geology. Prior to teaching, Ted was an Environmental Consultant for a national science and engineering firm specializing in the investigation and remediation of hazardous waste sites and the protection of groundwater resources. Ted’s current research interests with students lie in the chemistry of vermicomposting and the ecology of plankton species in both marine and freshwater environments.