Advanced Placement (AP) Program

Since 1986, Bangor High School has offered Advanced Placement courses in six departments: English, Fine Arts, Foreign Language, Mathematics, Science and Social Studies. Over that time, BHS has developed a comprehensive and highly successful program and its students and teachers have been recognized regionally and nationally for their outstanding performance. For these and other reasons, Bangor High is very proud of its Advanced Placement program.

Advanced Placement courses are college-level courses for secondary school students. The courses culminate with a comprehensive summative exam in early May, which is scored on a 5-point scale. Colleges often grant credit and/or advanced placement to students whose AP Examination grades are considered acceptable, which is historically defined as a score of “3” or better for public colleges and universities and a score of “4” of “5” for selective schools. Typically, 80% or more of Bangor High School students taking AP exams earn a score of “3” or better. Families are advised to seek information on the AP Exam credit policy for their prospective colleges.

It is expected that a student who is enrolled in an AP class will take the corresponding AP Exam, and historically, over 85% of Bangor High School students sit for the exams. There is a fee charged by the Educational Testing Service for each AP exam that the family is responsible for paying. Any student in need of financial assistance is encouraged to see his/her counselor for assistance.

Questions about AP may also be directed to BHS Guidance Counselor Scott Clement, the school’s AP Testing Coordinator.

Advanced Placement Courses

Open Access Philosophy:Bangor High School believes that all students should have the opportunity and encouragement to work at their highest levels, including access to Honors and Advanced Placement (AP) classes at the parent or guardian’s request. Contact your child’s counselor with questions.

880 AP Statistics
900 AP Calculus BC (Part II)
940 AP Computer Science A
950 AP Calculus AB (Part I)
970 AP English Literature
971 AP English Composition
975 AP Economics
976 AP French Language
978 AP Spanish Language
979 AP Environmental Science
980 AP Biology
981 AP Chemistry
982 AP Physics
990 AP US History
993 AP Geography
994 AP Music Theory
996 AP Studio Art- Drawing
997 AP Art: 2D Design
999 AP Government & Politics