Geoff Wingard
History Department Head

The History Department of Bangor High School prepares students for civic participation and responsibility in tomorrow’s world. In order to achieve this end the department’s courses teach the principles and practices of effective citizenship and provide students with a wealth of knowledge about the world in both historical and contemporary terms. All of the department’s courses are intended to enhance the necessary skills and content that are reflected in Maine’s Parameters of Essential Instruction for History.

To be an active, competent, and involved world citizen students must have an understanding of our state, our nation, the world, and the times in which we live. Students must develop an appreciation of our way of life and a deep respect for those who have contributed to the improvement of humankind. Students must also develop the ability to think effectively and to communicate clearly, and the History Department partners with other BHS disciplines to develop these cross-cutting skills. Collectively and compatibly, these instructional efforts document student attainment of diploma standards.

The History Department has two required courses. Students must engage in GeoCivics in grade 9 and a course in United States History in either grades 10, 11 or 12. In addition to the two required courses all students are strongly encouraged to choose from among the many outstanding elective courses in History, with many past BHS graduated having taken three or more courses to develop an in-depth understanding of our history, our culture, and the world that is essential to a well-rounded education. These electives also provide opportunity for students to demonstrate the attainment History content standards required for graduation.