Jane Venturelli
English Department Chair

The English Department prides itself on its success with all BHS students. Every class provides appropriately challenging texts and assignments, resulting in students who are well prepared for future academic or work and career pursuits. We seek to excite students about the beauties of the written word, encouraging them to appreciate their language and written heritage. Our main goal is to prepare students to learn how to communicate effectively, read strategically, and write clearly. We strive to create life-long learners who will use their English skills in all situations that require abilities to consume, create and present information.

The English curriculum is aligned to the Common Core standards, with common assessments that provide grade-appropriate opportunities for students to demonstrate mastery of local and national education standards. Instruction is tailored to meet the needs of all students through supported courses that build year to year. Reading, writing, research, and grammar skills are further developed each year creating a comprehensive exploration of texts and expansion of skills. Sophomores, juniors and seniors are able to access interesting electives in English that complement and support their learning and achievement in other Bangor High School disciplines.

Literature Sequence:

  • Grade 9: Broad study of all genres

  • Grade 10: American Literature

  • Grade 11: British Literature

  • Grade 12: World Literature