Dr. Barbara Stewart
Science Department Head

The Bangor High School Science Department provides students with rigorous core and elective courses that center on academic excellence and the pursuit of proficiency in state and national standards, including the Next Generation Science Standards. Courses are purposefully designed to integrate multiple instructional models, assessment tools, and the latest technology to engage students in learning through inquiry and experiment. Our goal is for students to understand and to be aware of human impact on the environment and to learn how to care for the Earth’s resources.

To achieve these goals, classes incorporate both technology and engineering learning objectives to prepare students for the increased demands of both post-secondary learning and future job markets. All courses align to the NGSS, the foundation of the Maine’s content area diploma requirements. Diploma requirements include a science experience in all four years of high school, which may necessitate an additional semester or more in a science course to achieve content-area proficiency.

Students are strongly advised to begin with Earth Science in 9th grade and to progress through Biology, Chemistry, and Physics in successive years. After satisfying requirements for graduation, students may pursue particular interests through a variety of elective courses spanning science, technology, and engineering.