Visual and Performing Arts

Eric Hutchins
Visual & Performing Arts Department Head

The Visual & Performing Arts (VPA) program helps students to increase creative thinking skills and knowledge as aesthetically informed citizens. The content areas of drama, music and visual arts are among the subjects students may explore in order to acquire new proficiencies and to meet their Visual & Performing Arts graduation requirement reflected in Maine learning standards.

2024 Scholastic Art Award Recipients

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Scholastic Art Award Winner

By design, performance-based courses in each of the three VPA subject areas (visual art, musical / choral performance, theatrer arts) require students to demonstrate competency in both creative expression and history / criticism. Over their four years of high school, students are encouraged to access the rich, diverse and comprehensive blend of introductory and advanced VPA courses, including multiple Advanced Placement options, to build a strong understanding of the visual and performing arts and to create opportunity for continued pursuit and enjoyment of the arts in education and career.